Choosing a processional song

What do you want your processional song to represent? Do you want it to be a classical song, soft and well-known so that the focus is on you and your gorgeous dress?  Are you the fun, quirky type who wants your guests to remember the fun-loving side of you and your ceremony? Maybe you want your song to be a tear-jerker, sung by a sultry voice before you stare into your partner’s eyes at the end of the aisle.   Or maybe it’s not up to you and you leave it up to your friends to decide by polling your guest list.

Your processional song can represent anything you want and can be an intimate moment between you and your partner or can involve your entire circle of friends.  For the next two, to three, to six months or (if you’re a last-minute gal or guy like me!) in the next few weeks, write down some notes and key words that represent what you want this moment to mean to you and do some research.  You can include it on your program or, if you’re not printing programs, make it a surprise – sometimes it can be that much more meaningful if your guests don’t know what’s coming!

Of course there are always plenty of sites to get your ideas flowing like The Knot  and Wedding Wire.

If you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to shoot me a note by visiting the contact page.

Happy planning!



Ave Maria

A timeless song, I have sung Ave Maria at countless weddings. It’s one of those tunes that can be sung as the mother of the bride walks down the isle, as the bride walks down the aisle, or as the couple lights their candles, and can bring about an intense emotion for anyone listening. The picture below is a shot of me, just about to sing the classic song with a smiling bride in the background.