A Song in Kennebunk

20140628_133937I had the amazing¬†opportunity to work in Kennebunkport this past weekend and sing at the ceremony of a great couple at the most beautiful location! (all of it was reeeeeeally that amazing ūüôā )

My Hunnie “El” loves it up here as much as I do so we decided to make a weekend of it. ¬†I happened to stay at a hotel near the beach where an old colleague of mine works – always nice to bump into old friends!

After years of performing, I have my “warm-up” routine down pat: I like to vocalize alone, usually in the car for about a half hour and then sing the performance songs a couple times each in the days leading up to a gig. ¬†With El by my side and in his new car, I didn’t have too much alone time.

We ended up walking along the beach late in the afternoon when hardly anyone was there. With the waves slurping the shoreline and the wind whipping by, I sang and let the breeze take my sound where it wanted. 20140627_200957

The next morning we did the same to warm up and got up to Kennebunkport near the church pretty early to beat any traffic.  The organist was delightful as well as the violinist I had the pleasure of playing with.

The church was over 150 years old.  There are certain spaces that when I walk into them, I can feel a certain vibration and am immediatley inspired to sing.  I sang up on the balcony with the other musicians and had to walk up this tiny little winding staircase to get there.  The organist was in his 70s and had been using them to travel up and down for over 20 years.


In such a place, no microphone was needed. ¬†The bride and groom chose “The Prayer” and “How Great Thou Art” – two of my favorites. ¬†The organist and violinist were perfect accompanists.

I hope the rest of the evening and weekend was as perfect for the bride and groom as mine was.